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The Big, Easy Cheat Sheet to Google Ads Audience Targeting

Take your campaigns beyond keyword targeting—yes, even with search ads.

Jyll Saskin Gales | September 21, 2022 | Display Ads

Google Correlate: Google Trends in Reverse

The new Google Correlate tool acts like Google Trends in reverse, allowing users to upload a data set to see what search terms match the trend.

Re-Creating AdWords Campaign Performance Charts in Excel, Part 5: Dynamic Controls

This is the final post in Chad Summerhill's series on re-creating the AdWords dashboard in Excel. Includes a free PPC dashboard download!

AdWords Showing Display URL Domain in Headlines for Select Ads on Google

Google has made a series of changes to the way ad text is served and displayed recently, and it’s important to follow how they’re displaying ad copy and what level of control you have.

SEO Title Tags vs. Witty Headlines: Is There Room for Puns in Online News?

Unsurprisingly – since this is a mainstream magazine we’re talking about – the topic is nothing new. Journalists have been wringing their hands over the supposed loss of the clever headline since SEO first started, well, making headlines (making waves? making hearts go pitty-pat?) five or six years ago.

Re-Creating AdWords Campaign Performance Charts in Excel, Part 4: Making the Charts

In the fourth part of this five-part series, learn how to create the charts for your AdWords campaign performance charts.

Re-Creating AdWords Campaign Performance Charts in Excel, Part 3: Making the Scorecard

Building dynamic dashboards in Excel can be a challenge, but if you’ve already completed the steps from the first two posts in this series you’ve done the hard part. Now we are ready for the fun stuff.

5 Ways to Lower Your Cost Per Action (CPA)

Learn five easy ways to lower your cost per action (CPA) to make your pay-per-click campaigns more profitable.

Re-Creating AdWords Campaign Performance Charts in Excel, Part 2: The Transformation

In Part 2 of this series, you'll learn how to set up an Excel pivot table, how to use calculated metrics, how to use the OFFSET formula in Excel...

Re-Creating AdWords Campaign Performance Charts in Excel, Part 1: The Data

Learn how to re-create an AdWords dashboard that is no longer available, using Excel, in this tutorial.

AdWords Position Preference Bidding Is Retired: What You Need to Know About AdWords Average Position

AdWords is retiring the position preference bidding feature. Learn how to use average position as a metric in Google AdWords.

Using Educational Linkbait to Get Valuable .edu Links

Kellogg’s Cereal has space-themed nutrition lessons in downloadable PDF files. Orkin Pest Control has a virtual insect designed to offer an alternative to classroom dissection. Ben and Jerry’s has interactive games about the environment.

Guest Author
April 13, 2011 | SEO

Comparing Year-Over-Year Search Query Trends

Learn how to gain valuable insights by comparing year-over-year data from your AdWords search query reports.

Understanding the Differences Between Google and Bing Match Types

Google and Bing (adCenter) use different keyword match types. Learn the differences between these match types and how they'll affect your ads.

Google Plus One: What Google +1 Means to You, Your Campaigns, & The Future of the Universe

Google is rolling out its new +1 feature, making search more social. What does it mean for those in the search marketing industry?

New White Paper: Complete Guide to AdWords Matching Options

Learn how to apply the different keyword match types offered by Google AdWords in this free white paper from the experts at WordStream.

Running an AdWords Campaign in a Competitive Local Market

Learn why you need to set up at least two different PPC campaigns if you're running an AdWords campaign in a competitive local market.

The Return of Pimp Your PPC Ad: Lessons from Bad PPC Ads

Don't let bad PPC copywriting happen to you! Learn from others' failures in this edition of Pimp Your PPC Ad.

Quora SEO: How to Use Quora if You’re an SEO

Does Quora offer any search engine optimization value? Learn how you can use Quora for SEO in this detailed guide.

Tom Demers
March 24, 2011 | SEO

Quick Tips for Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts

Do you manage multiple Google AdWords accounts? Here are some tips for keeping all your PPC campaigns under control.

PPC Ad Writing Tips from the Experts: An Interview with BoostCTR

Learn how to write PPC ads that get high click-through rates, how to do split-testing for PPC ads and more from the experts at BoostCTR.

Link Roundup: Online Marketing Highlights of the Week

DIYSEO offers 101 "easy, low-cost" SEO tips for time- and budget-strapped SMB marketers. This is a quick read and good overview of all the little basic things that small businesses should be doing on their websites and blogs.

Quick Guide to AdWords Automated Rules

Learn how to use Automated Rules, a new feature in Google AdWords, which can save you lots of time in managing your PPC campaigns.

Quality Traffic Sources That Aren’t Google or Bing: 2nd Tier Search Engines & Networks

Learn about the top second-tier search engines and networks that deliver quality traffic and leads but cost less than Google or Bing.

Fighting Cross-Campaign Ad Poaching with Negative Keyword Lists

Learn how to use negative keyword lists in Google AdWords to prevent broad match ad poaching across your PPC campaigns.

The Signaling Theory of Marketing: What Your Actions Say About Your Business

Signaling theory posits that the purpose of most human behavior is to signal value and status to others. How is marketing like signaling?

Elisa Gabbert
February 25, 2011 | Marketing Ideas

Newly Released Google AdWords Optimize for Conversions Ad Setting Now LIVE: What Does it Mean for Your AdWords Campaigns?

Learn how to use the AdWords optimize for conversions setting for your ads: and whether it's right for your campaigns.

Tom Demers
February 24, 2011 | Paid Search Marketing